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Discussion on: How do you arrange your screens/multiple desktops?

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Taylor D. Edmiston

Just curious — anyone using a vertical monitor orientation to write code?

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Anurag Mathur 

I used it for a few days. Could not get adjusted to it, as all other applications, other than the IDE, felt out of place on it.

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Ben Halpern Author

I did for a while and liked it but never formed the habit, and I set my next monitor up horizontally without thinking about it much. Would be interested to hear what others prefer here.

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Taylor D. Edmiston • Edited

A coworker who tried it had similar feedback. He's not a developer per se, but someone who occasionally writes prototype code. One large, wide monitor with multiple columns in Sublime etc was his choice.

I'd love to be able to get something wide enough that I can comfortably do 3-4 columns in Sublime.

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Marek Dabek

I tried but could not get used to having one monitor vertically and one horizontally.
I used vertical setup more for reading documentation more than coding itself.

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Subbu Lakshmanan

I have a similar setup as Wesley. Two 22 inch monitors, one each side of my mac book.

Browser and evernote goes to the external monitor-1 (To the Left). I don't keep any other windows besides the work(mostly Android studio) that I'm currently working on my MacBook screen.

External Monitor 2 is set vertically which I use it for terminal primarily for the purpose of logs. I do open the terminal in my MacBook Screen, If I'm writing any script. But usually my terminals are in the vertical monitor.

@taylor Initially it was little weird to look at vertical monitor. But I got used to it. Been using it for 4 months now.

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Kim Arnett 

One person I know who did used vertical for email. It was a narrow screen though. But, it got it off your main screens.