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sortpom-maven-plugin vs tidy-maven-plugin

Tatjana Kopalova
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Hi folks,

i have been asking me what the pro and cons from that two maven plugins are.

Can anybody help me.

I asked this question on stackoverflow but some gurus(Kayaman, Makoto, luk2302, chrylis, Jim Garrison) from there blocks it. I'm not so strict and ask no questions anymore on stackoverflow where everything is forbidden if you dont have some points, so blame on you gurus.

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Jake Varness

Looking at the documentation for the two sites, it would appear that tidy-maven-plugin has very little customization. It favors sorting top-level elements via the conventions outlined here, whereas sortpom has a lot of options that can help you customize the the way your pom gets sorted.

We use sortpom a lot where I work and it's made our poms look much cleaner and it's helped us organize our dependencies in each of our poms.