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sharing of forums posts from Stackoverflow in phpBB

I would like to see a forum plugin [phpbb] that would allow the sharing of forums posts from Stackoverflow in phpBB.It gets rather annoying seeing that this is not possible in the past.

so the question is - is this possible - to share posts that appear on SO or in the forum in another place.

see such an option at stackoferflow:

Share a link to this question (includes your user id)


the question is: does the Stack Overflow API currently has a so called sharing function. If one want to migrate posts, hi had to do this in earlier times best bet is to do it by hand.

Eventually the API will include sharing functions. At the moment they have such a sharing function to, to FaceBook and Twitter.

is there a timetable for the sharing option and some access on the SO-API.

plz stay healthy!



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