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Tarek Hassan
Tarek Hassan

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What is your experience with mentorship?

If you have worked with a mentor, how was that? Did it help?

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Nguyen Kim Son

As a mentor and mentee myself I think having a mentor is great, especially someone who could be your “older” self in 5-10 years. This person can give you a lot of practical advices, understands and maybe has experienced first hand your issues and knows what will work out or not. But finding a mentor that works for me was not easy, i also had some mentors that don’t work out great, mostly because their paths are so different than mine.

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Jakob Attkinson

I looked awhile for a mentor. I like to belive I had one at my previous job. He was both a friend, a colleague and a mentor.

I'm not sure I could have a "distant" mentor or have strictly a professional relationship. I like to get to know him/her and give him my trust for what I see not for what I read or what he/she achieved in life...

But maybe these are also the reason I don't and didn't have a mentor for the past 5 years...