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30 Killer Project Ideas 😍 For Your Resume πŸ’ͺ


Hey friends! πŸ‘‹ If you're looking to build some cool projects πŸ’» to really make your resume stand out, πŸ‘€ you've come to the right place. ✨

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βœ… I've put together a list of 30 awesome project ideas that are sure to impress future employers.

🀩 Let's check them out!

  1. To-Do List App πŸ“- Keep yourself organized with your own simple to-do list app.

2. Note Taking App πŸ“ - Take notes on the go with your very own note taking app.

3. Calendar Application πŸ—“ - Stay on top of your schedule with a custom calendar app.

4. Chat System πŸ’¬ - Create an app where users can chat with each other.

5. Weather Application 🌦 - Check the forecast from your own weather reporting app.

6. Portfolio Website πŸ–Ό - Show off your skills through a personal portfolio site.

7. Image Search πŸ“· - Build an image search engine for your resume.

8. Chess Game πŸ‘‘ - Code your own awesome chess game.

9. Donation Website πŸͺ™ - Help raise money for a cause through a donation platform.

10. Budget Tracker πŸ’΅ - Stay on top of your finances with a budget tracking app.

11. Tic Tac Toe Game β­• - A classic game that's fun and simple to implement.

12. Form Validator πŸ“ - Make sure user forms are filled out correctly.

13. Web Scraper πŸ•Έ - Collect data from websites in an automated way.

14. Simple FTP Client πŸ“± - Transfer files remotely through an own FTP client.

15. Port Scanner πŸ’» - Check open ports on remote servers.

16. MP3 Player 🎧 - Listen to music through a custom media player.

17. Tetris Game 🧩 - Code the iconic falling block game.

18. Netflix Clone πŸ“Ί - Replicate Netflix's movie and TV platform.

19. Discord Bot πŸ€– - Create chatbots for communication platforms.

20. Video Chat System πŸ“± - Build real-time video chat software.

21. Pacman Game πŸ‘Ύ - Bring the arcade classic to life.

22. Alarm Clock ⏰ - Wake yourself up with a custom alarm clock app.

23. Stock Trading App πŸ“ˆ - Track stocks on the go.

24. Issue Tracker πŸ“ - Organize project issues through dedicated issue tracking software.

25. Music Store App 🎢 - Sell songs in an music retailer app.

26. Twitter Bot πŸ€– - Automate tweets with bots for Twitter.

27. Spam Classifier πŸ“© - Identify spam messages algorithmically.

28. Content Aggregator πŸ“° - Curate news on a topic from various sources in one place.

29. Snake Game 🐍 - Code the ubiquitous Nokia phone game.

30. File Manager πŸ“ - Easily organize files on your computer through your own file management software.

Bonus Suggestion πŸŽ‰

A suggestion by @alvbarros : Aligning your projects with your dream job or target company is a smart move. It not only showcases your skills but also demonstrates your passion and dedication to the field.Creating a streaming app,πŸ‘‡

for example, if you aspire to work at Spotify is an excellent way to showcase your abilities and stand out to potential employers

Hope these project ideas help spark some creativity! πŸ’‘ Let me know if any need explaining - I'd be happy to provide more details. πŸ˜€ With projects like these under your belt, your resume will shine brightly.

And don't Forget to Share your Projects in Comment πŸ“©

πŸ‘ Happy coding!

Top comments (7)

alvbarros profile image

Nice post. I'd like to add my 2 cents:
If you have a dream job that you'd like, or maybe a target company, try creating projects aligned with the industry or end-user.
If you want to work at Spotify, why not trying to create a streaming app? etc.

taqui_786 profile image
TAQUI ⭐ • Edited

Great suggestion, AlvBarros!
Aligning your projects with your dream job or target company is a smart move.

i will add your suggestion to my Blog

Thanks for sharing this valuable advice! πŸ‘

constantinrazvan profile image
Razvan Constatin

A very good suggestion! I’ll try to do that with the companies that I target! Thank you so much!

constantinrazvan profile image
Razvan Constatin

Also for us, would be great if you could write some requirements, it help us building our β€œproblem solving” skill. You could do something like:


  • users can login
  • users can register
  • they should upload file
  • they could list it in a category
  • they coukd get likes and comments

Something like that so we can start improving our problem solving skill! This thing, I think that will help many beginners.

Thank you so much!

taqui_786 profile image

Great idea, Razvan!

Adding specific requirements to these project ideas can indeed be very helpful for building problem-solving skills.

This approach can definitely benefit beginners and help them grow.
Thanks for sharing this idea!🀝

constantinrazvan profile image
Razvan Constatin

Very good project ideas! I just started university and from my personal experience, I have a lot of experience using JS so I want to start building my portfolio again(I was moving my repositories from public to private for making better and good projects) so I’ve been struggling with ideas for some time.

Thank you so much for ideas!

taqui_786 profile image

Hi Razvan,

I'm glad you found these project ideas helpful!

Starting university is an exciting journey, and it's awesome that you have experience with JavaScript.

Building your portfolio is a fantastic way to showcase your skills. Keep Going Bro

Happy coding! πŸ˜„