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How to install Napkin Collect on Android

What's Napkin? is an app to collect ideas. It has AI to auto tag for creating connection between your ideas. That helps you inspiring more ideas when you random ideas of the past.


  • Step 1 : Download apk file of the app at my GitHub repo
  • Step 2 : Install this apk file


  • Step 1 : Generate Token in
  • Step 2 : Go to Settings in App
    • Type your email
    • Paste the token

Image description

  • Step 3 : Click SAVE button

How to Use

Send Thought

  • Step 1 : Type your idea. And optional the url of this idea.
    • Step 2 : Click SEND button.

Share thought from other apps

  • Step 1 : Select the text
  • Step 2 : Share this text to Napkin

Enjoy your inspiring life. 🥰

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