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Trying to organize your QA team? I've collected the most popular hitches waiting for you on this way.

Managing QA teams can be challenging, especially when they are being set up from scratch, so here are some common issues and difficulties you may face.

Lack of people: the existing QA talent pool must be improved to build a team. The honest answer is hiring new people or outsourcing some of the tasks.

Lack of experience: you will miss quality deadlines. The team may need more experience to tackle a complex project. Additional training is required.

Needs to be clarified: QA and testing activities depend on the requirements' clearness. The Product Owner needs to identify and prioritize any ambiguous requirements.

QA is frequently neglected. Stakeholders think testing is an obstacle to releasing a new feature or product. Poorly tested releases may have consequences, like losing customers, failing sales, etc. It is worthwhile in terms of time and money for stakeholders to participate in QA. Show them the potential consequences and gain support for QA.

Fast-paced release schedule. When the release schedule is fast-paced, and new features are constantly released, you need senior QA testers and automation engineers.

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Hugo Leiva

Great Post.

On my experience "QA is frequently neglected." Is a sadly reality.
We need to fight for human resource to train it to just do the basic QA. And wow it's complicate.

taniazhydkova profile image

Thank you, Hugo! I totally agree here : )