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Scrum in Agile testing: 10 tips that actually work

See whether traditional testing works better

Here’s a bit of a curveball: the best tip for your Agile testing may be resorting to regular testing. It is a much slower, but also more predictable methodology that makes it easier to ensure high test coverage.

Pilot and Test

Take up Continuous Quality

Adopt shift-left testing

Shift-left testing focuses on performing tests earlier in the lifecycle with a heavier emphasis on unit tests rather than end-to-end or UI tests. This often involves developers writing and running tests before the code even makes it to the QA team.

Adopt shift-right testing

Shift-right testing is post-release testing in the production environment. It also works well with our daily release strategy where we may have changes of different risks and/or known errors. Sometimes, these known issues can be severe enough for the new feature to break existing functionality.

Eliminate bias

Don’t put off covering legacy code

Get your automated tests straight

Adopt Infrastructure as Code

Adopting Infrastructure as Code considerably freed up everyone’s work schedule. The test environment is now created automatically upon new code delivery. The same environment can be used by multiple QA specialists in parallel for running manual and automated tests. Such auto-generated environments practically mirror the production environment, eliminating the need for a dedicated replica (stage environment).

Move to Scrum-minded test management solution

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