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Follow these 10 QA influencers to boost your testing career

Twitter has proven to be a powerful tool for sharing ideas, prompting action, and facilitating professional conversations. Following quality assurance leaders will let you stay connected to the broader tech community, which can help them identify new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Here are the 10 influencers for you to check out.

  1. Martin Fowler @martinfowler
    Martin Fowler is the Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks and the author of Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code. His writing has been instrumental in shaping the field of software engineering, and he continues to teach through his blog with the latest QA thoughts and experiences.

  2. Angie Jones @techgirl1908
    Angie is a prominent senior automation engineer with over 20 patents on her CV. She’s a vocal advocate for women in tech and has spent the last decade challenging gender stereotypes in the workplace and at home.

  3. James Bach @jamesmarcusbach
    James is the Co-Founder of Rapid Software Testing methodology and author of Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar, known for his contributions to the software testing community and advocacy for critical thinking and scepticism.

  4. Lisa Crispin @lisacrispin
    Lisa Crispin is an Agile testing coach and author of Agile Testing. As an experienced coach, facilitator, public speaker and trainer, she focuses on helping teams become more effective by learning new skills and improving their practices.

  5. Richard Bradshaw @friendlytester
    Richard is a software-testing thought leader and community builder. He founded Ministry of Testing, an online community dedicated to raising software testing quality worldwide with in-depth talks, workshops and conferences.

  6. Maaret Pyhäjärvi @maaretp
    Maaret Pyhäjärvi is a well-known software testing expert and trainer with over two decades of experience in the field. A consultant at her own company F-Secure, where she specialises in exploratory testing, test automation and continuous testing, Maaret’s expertise has been recognised with several industry awards.

  7. Myke Talks @TestSheepNZ
    The best people know how to sound smart while holding onto their beliefs and values. These are the words of Myke, a test automation consultant and trainer known for his practical and actionable advice on tooling.

  8. Ash Coleman @AshColeman30
    Ash is a test automation engineer who advocates for diversity and inclusion in tech. A first-class citizen in software development, she calls for better inclusivity in tech and makes it happen.

  9. Alan Page @alanpage
    Alan is the Vice President for Engineering Services at Unity and author of The Art of Unit Testing. He is passionate about improving testing practices, and helping teams deliver high-quality software.

  10. Michael Bolton @michaelbolton
    Michael is the Co-Founder of Rapid Software Testing who has written many articles and books on software testing. He is also a regular speaker at international software testing conferences.

Following QA influencers is essential for staying updated and informed about the latest trends, best practices, and tools in software testing. While Twitter is an excellent platform for quick updates and insights, it’s just one of the many platforms where these experts share their knowledge and experiences.

Discover 17 more QA leaders in my blog post.

If you want to follow my testing learning journey, follow the “Software Testing Talks” groups I created on Reddit and Linkedin. I share the most interesting QA discussions I find on the web and insights I get during testing work and studies there.

I am also happy to hear your feedback, suggestions, or ideas about what you would like me to write more about. Don’t hesitate to text me if you want to say hi or discuss something.

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yes, you are right, I edited the information!