RxJS Primitives - Operators for RxJS for strings, numbers and booleans

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Today I've published a new set of libraries to NPM - RxJS Primitives.

These are based on some operators I've collected over the last year, and some additional ones I've started adding.
Most are based around ECMASCript objects such as String, Number and Boolean but also includes some useful
utility operators.

Over the coming weeks I'll add more operators, both based on ECMAScript methods and custom functions that I have found useful.

The following modules are on NPM:


@tinynodes/rxjs-string operators that are built around the String object in ECMAScript, for example with toUpperCase:

from(['hello', 'world']).pipe(
).subscribe(value => console.log(value)) // ['HELLO', 'WORLD']

There are also some boolean value operators such as endsWith and extraction operators like charAt, with plans
to add more useful utilities. For example endWith returns a boolean value, but I also want to include an endsWith
that returns the original value instead (like filter).


@tinynodes/rxjs-number operators that are built around the Number object in ECMAScript, for example parseFloat/parseInt and isNaN.

from(['1', '1.2', '3.14']).pipe(parseInt()).subscribe(value => console.log(value)) // [1, 2, 3]

This also includes toString which uses Number.prototype.toLocaleString supports formatting such as currency.


@tinynodes/rxjs-boolean operators that are built around the Boolean object in ECMAScript,
and are designed to help with filtering content from observables. Currently, there are two operators firstTruthy and filterTruthy.

In both cases these return the underlying value only if it's a truthy value in JavaScript, in the case of firstTruthy it only returns
the first value, while filterTruthy returns all truthy values.


@tinynodes/rxjs-utility is a custom module that provides some additional operators
that don't fit into the other packages but still have some usefulness.

Currently, there are two operators:

  • startWithTap - Will fire a callback method only on the first emission from an Observable
  startWithTap(() => form.touch()),
  • debounceWithQuery - Debounces an input such as a text input and passes it to a method that returns a value from a query (such as a search)
  debounceWithQuery(1000, (search) => http.get(`/search?query=${search}`))

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