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Things that are perfectly acceptable to say during a Stand Up

StandUp meeting value is often underestimated as most of the time, it is a boring reporting meeting where everyone details what they did yesterday and what they will do today.

Instead of describing again and again the theory of this meeting, let's see some example of thing that are perfectly acceptable to say during a Stand Up.

  • Working on bugs, nothing to highlight.
  • I spent the day trying to understand what's going on. Can anyone help me on this topic ?
  • I'll merge my big refact today. Please think about rebasing your branch, as there will probably have conflict.
  • We are generating new release. You know our infrastructure is crappy as f*** so please, don't run any pipeline for the moment. I'll tell you when you can go.
  • Oh, you worked on this ? I think I have already fixed it, let's see after the daily.
  • I'm on vacation tomorrow, if you need anything from me, it's today or in 3 weeks.

And probably the most important one:

  • I think we are going too deep in details, could you two guys discuss this after the daily ?

Keep in mind: StandUp is the place where you raise concerns, not the place where you fix them 😉

And you, how are your standups going ?

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I like it 😂