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Tamojay Dey
Tamojay Dey

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Dark Mattr: A New VS Code Theme

There are a lot of themes on the Visual Studio marketplace and picking out the right one might sound not very important or relevant but it could actually be a very daunting task if VS Code is your daily weapon of war.

As developers, we all have our favorite plugins and extensions which are there to make our lives easier. But what about a theme? Why choosing the right one is imperative? We stare at our editor for almost 7–8 hours every day, sometimes even more. I have been using VS Code for almost 2 years now and I can assure you one thing, not every theme is friendly to the eyes.

Extremely bright colors can be really disturbing to the eyes and I have tried every popular theme there is. I would not say they are bad, some themes are really good and a few are my personal favorites but I have always felt I am still not getting the right color combination which would both be pleasing to my eyes and also make the theme look real classy.

Dark Mattr ( currently version 0.1.2) is a theme that I created using the right combination of colors and it took me 9 versions to come up with the best possible combination of colors :D .

So here is the theme:

Dark Mattr

Image description

Does ergonomics really play an important part when it comes to choosing the right theme? Well, if you are not fond of colors, you can go for something really minimal but I figured since code editors are something that I spend most of my time with, why not make it a little colorful? But I made sure the colors blend in well and subconsciously give you a feeling of satisfaction and confidence while you are coding.

You are more than welcome to give this theme a try and if you happen to like it, drop some love in the form of feedback.

Happy coding fellas!

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Alex Simons • Edited on

You chose a nice soft color palette. I'd like to eventually make a theme with a soft color palette myself. To be honest, I think I suffer from the Ikea Effect. Where I like my themes more because I made them. :)

Anyways, the first thing that jumped out at me was that you still are using the default "editorBracketHighlight" colors. In my opinion, the default purple matched braces look a bit off when paired with the rest of the color palette (it's mostly put next to orange because of function calls).

Making it another shade of blue, green, or yellow might be nice. You can find the rest of the matching braces colors here .

Anyways just a suggestion, cheers!

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Tamojay Dey Author

Thanks a lot! Will definitely look into it.

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