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Need your help to decide which post should I write about next

I want to write two articles but I want to decide which is better to cover and more interesting to you.
My First Idea is Introduction to NestJS and explains how this framework takes NodeJS to the next level.
My Second Idea is an Introduction to TypeSctipt + how to use it with React and cool libraries that can help you write better code.
I would love to hear your answers and explanation will be great 😁

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Fernando B 🚀

Here's my method for writing posts. As you learn something document it, and at the end of the journey share with a post. Write whatever you want that's fun to you. Eventually the audience will resonate with the article if it helps to solve a specific problem.

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Atulit Anand

The one with the typescript isn't bad in my opinion.

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Ryo Light

My vote goes to using with React w/ TypeScript.

One of the reasons I love Angular is native TypeScript. Would love if React had a way to use TypeScript as well.

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Hi thanks you I will release as soon as I can.
React and TypeScript is so great and I use it everytime I can
it's pretty much take your project and add type check and lot of them so your project can run as best as it can

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Marcos Molina 👩🏽‍💻

I think Next.js with TS authentication starter :)