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No, not at all - it's not a right, it's a privilege extended by a private, proprietary system (GitHub).

I feel your pain in losing access to your private repos, but best in mind that keeping anything in only one place defies the laws of redundancy.

What you might have done (and I realize that at this juncture that is woulda coulda shoulda) it's a little late to implement such redundancy, but you can easily mirror your GitHub and Gitlab.com repos on your own Gitea instances.

Gitlab is a service with free accounts just like GitHub, except that it's not proprietary software like GitHub's (they have a self-hosted community FOSS edition).

That gives you a convenient web frontend to git, and although you are correct that GitHub is still the defacto 'place' where people search for publicly archived projects, I fail to see the point in thinking it's, "the place" for private repos in anyway.

Most people out things up at GitHub so they can be found and have their repos mirrored elsewhere.

If you deploy a Gitea instance, you can also take advantage on Android of the Gitrex app which is available on F-Droid.

I hope that helps :)



Thanks for the explanation you gave. But unfortunately, this is not a simple issue that could be solved by a change in our hosting solution.

GitHub is a large part of the open-source community. Consider you are part of an international open-source project and you lost access to their repository.

This is what that happened to one of my fellow who works in the nuxt.js project.


How would changing your hosting not solve it? If the project is hosted on something that's not GitHub and outside US sanctions then all your contributors can access it just fine.

I'm not saying that moving the project is trivial, but it would solve the problems...

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