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Discussion on: Setting up a news letter with React and mailchimp

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Tallan Groberg Author

I hope I’m not to late to answer your question.

This is an nmp package that gives you a little more control over the form But does the same subscription functionality.

React-mail-chimp-form is more declarative meaning you have to write more code but you can style it and get more Info from your users.

I didn’t use it in my tutorial Because I try and show examples that are as simple as possible but you could replace what you did in this tutorial with the new npm package very easily by following what is in the link at the top.

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Inioluwa Sogelola

I believe reactmailchimpsubscribe has a render prop where you can pass a function that returns a jsx Element. The function accepts 3 arguments, I can't remember all of them but it's in the doc.