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Widely disliked technologies you like (or don't mind)

Are there any technologies (languages, frameworks, databases, tech stacks, etc.) which are criticized heavily by other developers, but which you either like or don't have a major problem with?

In my last job, I worked with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a content management system. It's proprietary and expensive to use, so it doesn't have as much online info or commentary as many CMSes, but when I do see developers talking about it, it seems far from loved. Personally, while it was annoying looking up problems due to its lack of popularity online, I didn't really mind using it. Sure, it was frustrating at times, but I at least appreciated that it was easy for developers to make different components and define the interface that the content writers/assemblers would interact with. It seems like a rather robust system overall...probably a little over-complicated, ultimately. But all things considered, I enjoyed working with it well enough and wouldn't mind doing another job using it.

So, what hated technology do you think is fine (or better)?

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Jean-Michel (

Git clients that are not the $ git CLI, for example lazygit and intellij.

I write about touchy topics on this website, like money, recruiting and robber tech barons.

But surprisingly my most controversial take turned out to be that you don't need to master $ git to become a "real developer".

See the paragraph Don't learn the git CLI* here

And this one even worse

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PHP, Dockerfiles, OPS work.
CSS as backend developer.

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Phil Ashby

A fun question - thank you Talia! I wonder if we should have a #SecretVice tag for this 😁 ?

Me? I rather enjoyed working with Visual Basic when it was going out of fashion, and I still reach for increasingly unpopular tools & technologies such as C, make or ant when starting new things, as I understand them and can at least concentrate on the new problem, not the old tech!

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Jake Lundberg

Fun question!

For me it would have to be Vim!

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Aleksandar Polic

I think the vim is generally loved by the people who use it. The problem are the people who don't. It is definitely on the powerful side of tools :D

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Jake Lundberg

You are absolutely right. It's either "I love it" or "I hate it". Rarely is there anyone in-between lol

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Randall • Edited

I enjoy writing SQL quite a lot, it's one of my favorite parts of my job. Most "software engineers" really don't like it as far as I can tell.