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Talha Buğra Bulut
Talha Buğra Bulut

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Runkod - Decentralized Web Hosting

Hey devs!

Today i would like to share some details on our new project Runkod.

Runkod is a decentralized hosting platform for any client side web (html, javascript, frontend frameworks etc.) applications and static web publishing.

Built top on Gaia storage by Blockstack. It is 100% Blockstack application. No 3rd party services are used.

Main purpose of Runkod is to provide a decentralized and stable hosting platform to developers and help them to speed up their deployment processes while reducing their server expenses.

Although it is beta version some folks started to use it for production purposes. Some developers use it for daily builds. Makes sense and sound reasonable. I believe they will migrate their production environments to Runkod soon :)

How Runkod Works?

In essence Runkod is a file router between internet and gaia storage that handles visitor requests and serve files over gaia storage.

Runkod Diagram

I believe Runkod will become an extremely useful tool for frontend developers. Give it a try and please let me know what do you think. | @runkodapp

My other project on Blockstack, Lander, may get your attention.

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