Lander Update #1

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Lander is my first project on Blockstack. It has been online for almost 8 months and during that time it became one of the most used applications out of around 300 applications.

More than 2000 users have created their profile page on Lander.

statistics from https://theblockstats.com

I got lots of valuable feedback from different type of users. That is also a great chance to shape product with users.

As first i'am starting to work on SEO to get more visitors and exposure. To do that i will create a user directory first. I believe user count is pretty enough for that.

Additionally i think a showcase on home page consist of real user pages would be good to show new users capabilities of Lander.

In middle term i am planning to add more social capabilities and convert it to a place where users can earn micro rewards over content they created.

Your feedback is also extremely valuable for me. Visit Lander create your profile page and let me know what do you think.

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