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Why is this so hard for me?

During a "Study with Me" livestream today, a comment from one of the participants sparked an extended discussion. The participant said, "C is hard," referring to the programming language known for its complexity, especially for beginners. While I agree that C can be difficult, I take issue with framing challenges in this way, and here's why.

The brain is naturally wired to seek comfort and avoid difficulty. When we label something as "hard," our brains, which govern our actions, begin to prepare for retreat even before the journey has commenced. And if we do muster the courage to start, our brains constantly nudge us towards the exit, offering the path of least resistance—quitting.

The issue isn't the difficulty of the task but the mindset with which we approach it. A mindset that anticipates failure will most likely lead to it. Conversely, adopting a mindset that foresees triumph can significantly improve your chances of overcoming challenges.

What I propose is a shift in perspective. Instead of seeing challenges as insurmountable obstacles, view them as opportunities for growth. Yes, C programming might be tough, but you're tougher. The situation you're facing might be daunting, but you're more than capable of conquering it. Many have triumphed over similar challenges, and there's no reason to believe you can't do the same.

The key lies in training your brain to see possibilities where others see barriers, urging you forward even when the path is steep. Adopting this mindset won't just help you overcome challenges; it'll make you unstoppable.

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Paul J. Lucas

If that person thinks C is hard, probably best not to show them C++.

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But then again it's all about how one frames the challenge in their mind

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William Torrez

C is the basis of the rest language of programming.