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How to fix React Native version mismatch

takunda profile image Takunda Madechangu ・1 min read

To fix this just do the following

1). Open package.json

2). Change this line

"react-native": "^0.61.4",

to reflect the new version.

For example if it says Javascript version is 20 and React Version is 19, your line would become

"react-native": "20",

3). Save the file
4). Close your eyes, delete the node_modules folder
5). Open your eyes and type

If you use Yarn:

yarn install

if you use NPM:

npm install

6). Start the app by typing

yarn start -c


npm start -c


expo start


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Thank you very much for this!


I dont understand, when this happens? I never had this issue before


This happens when your project has different version from the one specified in package.json