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Scary? or Annoying? or Frustrating? Select Box

Scary? or Annoying? or Frustrating? Select Box


Dreadful Dropdowns

Although looking simple, and innocent on the outside, this is an example of UX that developers must not do. I'm also feeling frustrated whenever I'm trying to select an item from this select box. Yes, I felt guilty, but this is the theme of the #CodepenChallenge so I could do nothing but to obey the rules.

This is really fun to do. I had a hard time to think of something that is not really convenient to use, but on the other hand, a little bit fun. Yes I said fun because basically, I put a mini game inside the select box.


I didn't use any JavaScript frameworks this time, because I don't want to put re-render function along side requestAnimationFrame.

I put the codes inside the class, so that the functionality will be reusable. Although, I don't know if anyone would desire to put this kind of abomination inside their system (lol).

There are few simple algorithms that was used for this idea: - Collision; Between the selector (Fire) and the option (Asteroid). - Angled movement; I don't know how to say it, but basically moving diagonally knowing the angle - Random; There are lots of random algorithms used here, especially when displaying the option.

I put a "game" twist in this challenge, because I really want to learn how to develop a game. Also, I'd like to improve my thinking of an idea for a game. Creating objects is also fun. It's really good for my practice.

I created the images using Aseprite. I really enjoy creating sprites in pixel art, or 8 bit. I'm still learning how to create though.




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