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Input Box For Halloween

Input Box For Halloween


Try to focus on the text box! Trust me, it won't hurt you! 😉

I can't think of any text boxes having a bad UX interface, so I made an animation of halloween themed objects instead. 😅

This is an animation of objects when the user focuses on the text box.

There are few objects will appear during animation. Below is those objects:

  • Pumpkins 🎃
  • Graves ðŸŠĶ
  • Bats ðŸĶ‡
  • Spider 🕷
  • Manor 🏠
  • Castle 🏰
  • Frankenstein 🧟‍♂ïļ

All the images are made using HTML and CSS only.


I would like to say sorry for the repetitive codes I made especially in CSS, and JavaScript animation.


GreenSock Animation library for JavaScript. I really love this animation tool!

Creepster Font used for this.

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