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CodePenChallenge Magazine Layout

CodePenChallenge Magazine Layout


This is my sample layout for a design of a magazine.

Dominantly, I used purple colour, just because when I'm browsing a magazine for a reference, the first colour I have seen is purple. Although, I really love this colour.

For header, I used yellow. This is not the direct complementary colour of purple, but supplementary colour of green (which is the complementary colour of purple).

I used green colours for some "highlight" part of the article, to make it "pop-up", and easily readable by the readers.

The font colour is white, because the background colour is a dark color. Also, again the first reference that I saw goes like this.

I don't own too many magazines at home, but I used these magazines to reference my work.

I didn't want to touch the HTML code, so using of images is very limited.


There are the magazines I used to get reference:


Nintendo Dream Web

I am not affiliated with those references.


Press Start 2P

Fredoka One


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