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🏆Top 10 must-have VSCode extensions for🐍Pythonistas


For Python developers, data scientists and analysts, using VSCode, this compilation provides some extensions to elevate your coding productivity and efficiency both in Python and general coding needs.

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1. Taipy Studio

Taipy is an open-source Python library for building your web application front-end & back-end.
You can create a multipage, multi-user, and customizable GUI for your Data/ML use cases just with Python.
But it doesn’t stop there.
Taipy also handles your back-end as it allows pipeline orchestration and management.

Now, back to the VSCode extension with Taipy Studio. This extension is a wrapper for two tools built to accelerate the creation of Taipy applications.

  • Taipy Studio Configuration Builder: a graphical pipeline editor, all in a point-and-click environment;
  • Taipy Studio GUI helper: includes IntelliSense when coding your GUI.

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Star ⭐ the Taipy repository

We're almost at 2000 stars and couldn't do this without you🙏

2. Github Copilot

Is it still necessary to even present Copilot? This tool is your very own code assistant.
Leveraging AI, Copilot seamlessly auto-completes your code.
Another main feature is the ability to give context-aware suggestions.
This is a great game changer for developers to gain in time and efficiency, and having it available directly as a VSCode extension makes complete sense.

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3. Rainbow CSV

Just with the name, you could almost guess the function of this tool. Rainbow CSV will make your CSV file readable by highlighting the columns in different colors.
As simple as that, but just so helpful to anyone who handles data. A real game changer for user visual experience.


4. ToDo Tree

This tool is great for people needing organization in their code’s to-do list. With this extension, just add a TODO or FIXME tag in your code when you need it.
ToDo Tree will look for these tags and organize them in a tree-like formation.
Now you can easily get back to your tags.


5. Jupyter

If you like to start your Data/ML projects using a notebook-like IDE to facilitate exploration and experimentation, VSCode offers this capability through the Jupyter Extension.
When the limitations of notebooks, like scaling, deploying, testing, and maintaining, make it necessary to transfer to a more traditional coding practice, having it all set up on VSCode just makes it easier.

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6. Markdown emoji

No real surprise here; this VSCode extension provides emoji support to the VSCode Markdown preview—a great way to add expressiveness and readability to any Markdown project.


7. Pylint

With the same name as the Python linter, Pylint is its extension in VSCode. It helps your efficiency by analyzing your code, checking for errors, and giving you suggestions for improvement.
A must-have to make sure your scripts follow all coding standards.

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8. Pylance

Pylance is a Python language support.
It existed first as a Python library but was integrated into VSCode through this extension.

Some key features:

  • code completion
  • auto-imports
  • compatible with Juypter Notebooks
  • semantic highlighting

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9. Liveshare

Collaboration is made easy with this VSCode extension. No need to configure anything; just start your Liveshare session and get on with your debugging sessions.
Liveshare also keeps all your personal IDE preferences, making collaborating even easier.

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10. Markdown All in One

This extension enhances using Markdown in VSCode with various different features:

  • table of content generation
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • code block insertion
  • preview functionality

This tool is great for writing your "" files.


VSCode has become one of the most used IDEs among developers, thanks to various reasons.
Its key features include robust git integration and cross-platform support, but the extensions are a standout feature.
They enable the customization of your environments, fostering seamless integration with a variety of tools.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

I’m a rookie writer and would welcome any suggestions for improvement!

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Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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alexandresajus profile image
Alexandre Sajus

I did not know about Rainbow CSV. Quite useful, thanks!

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Your eyes will thank you!

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Clayton Kehoe

Very helpful - thanks!

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Be Hai Nguyen

Thank you.

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Yveline Cessou

Very interesting, thanks

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Great list!

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Matija Sosic

Markdown one sounds useful! I will def check it out :)

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Taipy and Mardown All in One looks really fun tbf

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really helpful, like it and saved it for later use

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Thank you!

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Really enjoyed the article. Will defintley use some of these.

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Liveshare seems really interesting to me! I will test it, thanks!

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Thanks for sharing!

adriens profile image

Nice first post, I may add that depsite the fact that "Rainbow CSV" may look like a gadget it is not as it makes csv much much easier to read even under their plain text view.

In addition to it I use vscode-edit-csv

Both are very very useful.

Thanks for Markdown Emoji too

Keep going, love what you do and welcome to 👏

ldrscke profile image
Christian Ledermann

I'd add Ruff instead of pylint

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Valeria writes docs

I'm a beginner with Python and most of these extensions I didn't know about. Thank you for sharing!