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🐍 Python Playground: 16 ways πŸ“š to get started


This article is a guide designed to assist those new to Python programming with easy-to-use and engaging resources. From beginner-friendly libraries to interactive coding platforms, you should find your perfect fit!

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The following Python libraries are easy to use and great for getting started with Python.
Python libraries

1- Taipy

A new library in the Python landscape, Taipy is great for creating powerful web applications with minimal code. Get started with web applications with Taipy.
πŸ”‘ Features:

  • Extensive interactivity
  • There are more customization capabilities for your layout, styling, etc. (no CSS needed)
  • Multipage & multi-user applications

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2- Turtle Graphics

The place to start for absolute beginners. This pre-installed Python library teaches you the fundamentals of Python programming in a fun and visual way.

3- EasyGUI

Get started with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with this library.
Its simplicity makes it a top choice for beginners to create your basic GUI.

4- Matplotlib

This widget library is a go-to in the Python landscape for a good reason. With the extensive range of chart types, you can plot any 2D graph.
This library allows for significant customization through fine-grain of the graphical elements.

5- Pandas

Even if all Pythonistas use Pandas, this library is straightforward to comprehend and allows you to do many things.
You can learn about dataframes and series and how to handle data efficiently.

πŸ”‘ features:

  • Loading data from various sources
  • Reshaping dataframes
  • Basic data analytics through basic statistics

6- Thonny

Thonny is a great IDE for beginners.
It has excellent features to help understand the programming process and straightforward writing and debugging of Python code. You can try out the previous libraries in this effortless environment.


Coding platforms offer an academic-like setting, ideal for quick and structured learning.
Coding platforms

7- Datacamp

This was the platform I used to get started with Python, so how could I not include it? Datacamp is an interactive learning platform focused on programming around data science and analytics. They have courses of different levels, making it a great place to start learning about Python and data analytics concepts.

8- Code Combat

Code Combat makes learning fun as you learn Python while playing a game.
This platform has a world where you advance your character in the game while learning how to code.
This website caters to the younger generation, but I recommend trying it out for beginners of any age!

9- Sololearn

This platform revolves and evolves through their community. Sololearn focuses on short Python lessons, making a great tool for learning Python on the go.


Tutorials and challenges are an excellent way to enhance and test your Python skills with small and manageable projects.

10- Codechef

This website features programming competitions.
For those who learn better with competition, Codechef is for you. They offer various challenges to cater to all programming levels.

11- Codewars

This community website also offers coding challenges.
It's a great way to learn and challenge yourself with Python.

12- Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery offers tutorials and books around Machine Learning and Python.
These tutorials were beneficial for some of my Machine Learning projects, and I still go back to them from time to time!


Building an entire project in Python is a great way to put your skills to the test in real-life scenarios. In general, these projects are a great addition to your portfolio.
Full projects

13- Kaggle

This platform was my go-to for testing my Python and machine learning skills. This platform showcases data science projects.
Kaggle is also a great resource to add to your CV.

14- freeCodeCamp

Even though freeCodeCamp focuses on web development, this platform also uses Python projects. A great way to learn by doing.


Hackathons are a great way to learn in a dynamic and collaborative environment. Participation in hackathons is academically and professionally valued.

15- Major League Hacking

MLH organizes hackathons for students from all around the world. Their hackathons can be on-premise but also online.
Hackathons are great for applying your Python skills to real-world projects.
Also, it is a great way to have projects to showcase in interviews or your CVs.

16- Devpost

Devpost is a website for online hackathons. They provide events < with a lot of choices regarding subjects and prizes!


These resources offer various ways to kickstart your Python programming journey through these easy-to-use libraries, interactive learning platforms, and practical challenges.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback!

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