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Pros and Cons of Serverless apps?

Serverless is a term that becomes popular. So what is serverless? It means to host your website or app on the server which does not belong to you. In other words, you will pay only what you use. You can host your app on Google, Amazon AWS, Azure cloud server and will not pay for server but pay for the user or usage of the server.

Here is the most common serverless platform you can use.

Serverless has these characteristics:

  • does not store any file system.
  • pay only for what you use.

Serverless is great but required a learning curve to get started with it. Not everything fits into the serverless world. For example, Wordpress has been the most popular platform for making a website. Fitting WordPress into a serverless world is not such a great idea. Wordpress uses SQL to store databases. SQL does not fit into a serverless world because it requires to store and create data in the database. Plug-ins, uploading files and updates of WordPress also not fits inside serverless. So you need to fit into the world outside of serverless and then connect those with serverless.

These are some of the platforms that offer to host the serverless apps.

  • Google Functions
  • Google Cloud Run
  • AWS Serverless (AWS Amplify)
  • Azure serverless (Azure Functions)
  • Netlify

Pros of using serverless.

  • Pay only for what you use
  • No infrastructure and No maintenance to manage, Infrastructure is managed by Cloud vendors
  • Scale automatically as the user base grows or usage increases.
  • Most of the Serverless platform Security and SSL to secure data encryption.

Cons of using serverless.

  • Backend is not the option in serverless. A database like SQL requires API to connect with serverless apps.
  • Requires learning curves to get started with serverless and bit more expansive if managed correctly.

Discussion (3)

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Chad Adams

Big benefit for me is the cost and no maintenance.

byrro profile image
Renato Byrro

Hi, I felt a big miss not seeing AWS Lambda in the list. It's the most popular and mature platform. And it was also the pioneer among cloud providers...

taimoorsattar7 profile image
Taimoor Sattar Author

AWS Lambda is a great tool. But rather I focus on the serverless main ideas. All these tools share the same functionality but vary between pricing, user experience, etc.