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500+ Vue.js Tailwind CSS UI Components - TailGrids Vue

Thrilled to announce that TailGrids is now also available for Vue.js! Our TailGrids Tailwind CSS UI Components, already popular among developers for its HTML, React, and Figma versions, has now the highly-anticipated Vue.js version.

Tailwind vue.js

Now, All 500+ TailGrids Tailwind CSS UI components are ready to use for Vue, enabling you to create stunning web app UIs, marketing sites, landing pages, e-commerce platforms, dashboards, and more using the power of Vue.js and Tailwind.

tailwind css vue.js components

Downloadable offline files and code are already updated, so you can download an offline version as well as copy and paste the Vue codebase from individual components' pages.

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This update will undoubtedly elevate your web development experience and provide you with numerous customization possibilities for your projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for their continuous support and feedback, which helps us to improve and expand our offerings.

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