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Tailwind UI Components, Blocks, and Sections - TailGrids

Tailwind CSS UI Components are ready to use and fully coded sections or blocks that you can copy-paste (snippets) on your Tailwind CSS-based web projects and start using immediately. Since Tailwind CSS users are growing rapidly, Tailwind UI component is now one of the most useful resources for them. Specially - web developers, front-end developers, and software engineers who love to code UI with Tailwind CSS. UI components also save time, come with a better design than default styles, and provide more options to choose from.

Tailwind is a popular CSS framework that is popular for its utility-first approach that provides single class you need to create pixel-perfect UI and that optimizes your site for speed and accessibility too.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework. It doesn't have any of the bloats of other frameworks - just the essentials like grids, responsive art direction, and typography. It's built for speed, simplicity, and scalability.

TailGrids banner

Today, we will talk about one of the most popular and feature-rich Tailwind CSS UI libraries - TailGrids This UI library comes with 300+ free and premium Tailwind CSS UI components, sections, examples pages, and templates that you can copy-paste and start using immediately with your web projects.

TailGrids Tailwind CSS

UI Components

These Tailwind UI components are specially crafted for - Startup, SaaS, App, and Business websites and web apps. You will find every single section and UI component you can think of and each of them comes with tons of variations and structures.

UI components scrolled

For now, the entire TailGrids UI library has been categorized into 3 such as -

1. Application UI:

Application UI

This category contains everything you might need to develop a web application such as - blogs, cards, contact sections, special pages, footer sections, modals, Navbars & menus, paginations, auth pages, data tables, and more.

2. Marketing UI:

Marketing UI

This category consists of everything you need for a user-facing marketing site such as - Features & services, headers, hero areas, pricing tables, portfolios, teams, testimonials, videos, call to action (CTA), about, brands & logo scroller, and more.

3. Core UI Components:

Core UI Components

This UI category is free and open-source. Contains everything you need to kickstart your web projects such as - button styles, checkboxes variations, tabs, accordions, alerts, form elements, list styles, toggle & switch, badges, group buttons, breadcrumbs, dropdown buttons, tooltips, progress-bars, and more.

E-commerce and Dashboard UI components are coming soon 😻 you can check out the roadmap here

6 Bonus Templates

Bonus Tailwind Templates

Currently, the TailGrids package comes with 6 ready-to-use example templates that you can use to kick start your project in no time. More templates will be added soon, from time to time.

TailGrid Features

High-quality design with Figma Source

All components are well thought out, detailed, and crafted by following consistent design guidelines. The download package comes with a complete Figma style guide and Figma source files depending on the plan you are in, so you can use them to prototype and play with the design if needed.

Developer Friendly

Components are coded by following Tailwind CSS best practices so, you no need to spend a single minute with design or coding. Just copy-paste and start using! also, you can edit classes to modify coded UI if needed by following Tailwind CSS docs.

Free and open-source version

Besides the commercial version, TailGrids has a core version which also comes with all Core UI Components and a huge number of Application and Marketing UI components. Completely free and open-source, hosted on GitHub you can also download for free from our site.

If you have any feedback or something that can be improved, feel free to reach out to us via Twitter or discord we will get back to you ASAP.

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