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Top 7+ Free Tailwind React Admin Dashboard Templates for 2024

Are you looking for a sleek and functional Tailwind React admin dashboard to power up your projects in 2024? Look no further! We've curated a list of the top 7+ free Tailwind React admin dashboard templates with the perfect balance between style and essence.

In this curated list, you'll find templates that brag eye-catching designs and deliver powerful functionality, making them ideal companions for your web development projects in 2024.

Let's dive into the future of admin dashboards with these outstanding top 7 free Tailwind React dashboard templates and find the perfect one!

TailAdmin React - Free Open-Source Admin Dashboard

TailAdmin React - Free Tailwind React Dashboard
TailAdmin, your go-to React-Tailwind dashboard template, is not just free; it's a powerhouse for developers. This open-source gem is built on React and Tailwind CSS, serving as a foundational solution for creating robust back-ends, data-driven dashboards, or admin panels for your web projects.

It provides the essential building blocks for quickly kickstarting your feature-rich dashboard or admin panel. TailAdmin comes with a free as well as PRO version that boasts four unique dashboards.

Need customization? TailAdmin includes a complete Figma design source for both versions, allowing you to customize it to your project's needs. Download Now!

Tech Stack: Tailwind CSS 3 + React 18

Key Features:

  • 1 Unique Dashboard
  • 30+ Dashboard UI Components
  • 50+ Total UI Elements
  • 10+ HTML Files
  • TypeScript Support
  • Basic UI Kit Elements and Files
  • Figma Design Source - Free Sample

TailAdmin React PRO

  • 4 Unique Dashboards: Analytics, E-commerce, Marketing, and CRM
  • 120+ Dashboard UI Components
  • 200+ Total UI Elements
  • 45+ HTML Files
  • All Essential Elements and Files
  • • Complete Figma Design Source - As Shown on the Demo

GitHub Star: 276

Download TailAdmin (Github): react-tailwind-admin-dashboard

✅ DownloadDownload TailAdmin Pro

Live Demo: TailAdmin Preview

Mosaic Lite

Mosaic Lite Free React Tailwind Dashboard

Meet Mosaic Lite – an excellent dashboard template that's responsive, built on Tailwind CSS, and fully coded in React. Whether you're diving into the world of SaaS products, administrator dashboards, or modern web apps, Mosaic Lite is your starting point.

Packed with pre-coded charts using Chart.js 3 and a variety of widgets, it's perfect for anyone who wants a stylish and functional interface for their web development journey.

Tech Stack: Tailwind CSS 3 + React 18

GitHub Star: 1.9K

Download Mosaic Lite (Github): tailwind-dashboard-template

Live Demo: Mosaic Lite Preview

Notus React

Notus React - Free Tailwind Dashboard Template

Get ready to transform your web development experience with Notus React – a fantastic UI Kit and Admin combo specially crafted for Tailwind CSS and React enthusiasts.

Packed with HTML and React elements, this open-source Tailwind React Dashboard from Creative Tim combines presentation pages with admin dashboards seamlessly. It's appreciated for both its aesthetic appeal and reliability.

Tech Stack: Tailwind CSS 2.0 + React 17.0

GitHub Star: 712

Download Notus React (Github): notus-react

Live Demo: Notus React Preview


Dashwind React Admin Dashboard Template

Dashwind, the Daisy UI Admin Dashboard Template, is your free resource for a sleek admin dashboard powered by Daisy UI, Tailwind, and React js. This template goes beyond the basics and is fully customizable and themable with the power of Tailwind CSS utility classes. It's not just about the looks – Dashwind comes pre-packed with the redux toolkit and other essential libraries, saving you setup hassles.

Tech Stack: Tailwind CSS 3 + React 18 + Daisyui

GitHub Star: 419

Download DashWind (Github): daisyui-admin-dashboard-template

Live Demo: DashWind Preview

Admin One

Admin One Dashboard Template

Are you looking for a game-changing admin experience? Say hello to Admin One – a cutting-edge admin dashboard template that's not just sleek but also completely free! Crafted with React, Tailwind CSS 3, and TypeScript, Admin One is your go-to solution for a fast, beautiful, and feature-rich admin dashboard.

It combines style and functionality perfectly with dark mode, styled scrollbars, and reusable components.

Tech Stack: Tailwind CSS 3 + React 18

GitHub Star: 293

Download Admin One (Github): admin-one-react-tailwind

Live Demo: Admin One Preview

Horizon UI

Horizon UI

Horizon UI is your hidden weapon for those who appreciate modern design and want to create beautiful websites without the hassle. Packed with countless elements, carefully designed blocks, and fully coded pages, this TailwindCSS React dashboard is your shortcut to web development excellence.

Horizon UI is the fastest, most responsive, and trendiest dashboard designed for Tailwind CSS. Discover example pages like NFTs, Authentication, Profile, and more.

Tech Stack: Tailwind CSS 3 + React 18

GitHub Star: 329

Download Horizon UI (Github): horizon-tailwind-react

Live Demo: Horizon UI Preview

Material Tailwind React

Material Tailwind React Dashboard

Unleash your creativity with the Material Tailwind Dashboard React – a free admin template blending Tailwind CSS and React. This is your perfect match for developers seeking a feature-rich, customizable, and developer-friendly dashboard. Inspired by Google's Material Design, this dashboard promises stunning websites and web apps that will impress your clients.

Over 40 frontend elements at your fingertips, including buttons, inputs, navbars, cards, and alerts – all easily customizable with colors and Tailwind CSS.

Tech Stack: Tailwind CSS 3 + React 18

GitHub Star: 210

Download Material Tailwind React (Github): material-tailwind-dashboard-react

Live Demo: Material Tailwind React Preview


In conclusion, when choosing the ideal Tailwind React admin dashboard template for your projects in 2024, TailAdmin React stands out as the ultimate free solution. With its powerful React and Tailwind CSS combination, It offers a sleek, feature-rich design and a solid foundation for creating robust dashboards.

However, the choices don't end there. Each Tailwind React dashboard template in this list brings its strengths and specialties. Whether you prioritize design aesthetics or robust functionality, there's a template here to suit your needs.

Download, customize, and elevate your web applications with these impressive free templates!

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