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Modern UI ressources built on top of Tailwindcss

Yesterday we released Tailus v2, and it's a set of Easy to customize UI Blocks, VS Code Snippets, and complete and modern Templates that are easy to customize and support light and dark mode, built on top of tailwindcss.

A few developers have tested these resources and given us great feedback (which you can find on our homepage). That's why I wanted to share this with you.

50+ Blocks

As an existing ressource, we brought major changes to our blocks :

  • Complete redesign to make them look modern and fit with others.

  • Support for dark and light mode

tailus blocks

VS Code Snippets

To make your life even easier, we built a VS Code extension that allows you to use some of our components in your html file without copying them from the browser.

After installing the extension, all that you have to do is to type in your html :tailus-"name of component", ex : tailus-card and see a list of modern cards snippets that you can use.

Install now

tailus snippets extension

Modern templates

That's not all as we have also designed two modern templates, one of which is complete with 13 pages (light and dark mode) to allow you to create an out of the box website for an innovative Sass or business.

Some screenshots :

tailus ampire solution hero section

tailus ampire mission section

tailus ampire blog

tailus ampire customers

tailus ampire testimonials

tailus ampire home hero section

tailus ampire contact page

tailus ampire pricing plans comparator

tailus ampire about hero section

And more...

What's next ?

I wrote this article to let you discover these ressources that you can use in your next tailwindcss project to make your ideas stand out.

Let me know what you think about all of the above, in the comments.

Find everything here


More on our website

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