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What Theme Are You Using?

Ryland G
Head of Product at Temporal. Previously lead architect and low-level systems programmer for scale out SaaS offering. Game engine developer, ML engineering expert. DMs open on Twitter.
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Did you know has themes? Until recently, I definitely didn't. Now I can't live without night theme, it even turns the "Write A Post" button into an awesome street sign.

How to Use Themes

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to Settings->Misc

  3. Scroll Down and Choose Your Theme

  4. Even Transfers to Mobile!

What Theme Are You Using?


Discussion (25)

stickwarslit profile image
Mark Del Rosario

Using dark theme rn.

I try to get dark theme on every site I go on, usually requiring external stylesheet with Stylish extension.

I love it when sites provide their own dark themes since 3rd party stylesheets can get out of sync with site layout updates.

thefern profile image
Fernando B 🚀

I am on the same boat. I didn't know there were themes until recently because I am so used to gui's having that available on the main screen.

Nevertheless I use dark theme on anything I use, if it is available. If not available, on chrome I use stylus and most websites have a css dark style sheet to ease my eyes.

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

Ahaha street sign, love it.

I use the pink theme. It adds a solid pop of color.

taillogs profile image
Ryland G Author

I gotta try the pink theme now.

markel profile image
Markel F.

The pink one, no idea why. I guess I want to be different (?)

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Default now but I switch things up often. I feel that’s pretty important for dog-fooding the themes.

taillogs profile image
Ryland G Author

I think night theme might need a bit more contrast. What do you think?

dowenb profile image
Benjamin Dowen

Default, Sans Serif. I tried dark, and switched back.

fultonbrowne profile image
Fulton Browne

dark dark dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

camerenisonfire profile image
Cameren Dolecheck

I didn't know there were there until this post. After cycling through all them, I am sticking with the default. I tend to use dark theme, but something just seems right about the default on here.

duttaoindril profile image
Oindril Dutta

Dark theme. Comic sans font. It's a beauty.

powerc9000 profile image
Clay Murray

Pink is the only worthwhile theme. Don't @ me.

itsjzt profile image
Saurabh Sharma

the minimal one, greyish

rhymes profile image

The minimal :)

codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald

Dark mode! Bright websites hurt my eyes.

taillogs profile image
Ryland G Author


erhankilic profile image
Erhan Kılıç

Minimal Light Theme.
According to me dark theme is good for coding, not reading.

steelvoltage profile image
Brian Barbour

Minimal ftw.

Anyone using comic sans as their default font?

panditapan profile image

I'm team pink!


condensedbrain profile image
Michael Robinson

Pink now that I know about it!

ducmu profile image
Bạch hường Nguyễn thị

how to setup flarum theme live

what is the command?

highcenburg profile image
Vicente G. Reyes

Currently on the minimal light theme🤙🏼 but I switched if I get bored of it.

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor (he/him)

I've been using the pink lately. Initially I used it to fix some issues in the theme and then I just stuck with it.


dylanesque profile image
Michael Caveney

Strangely, the default theme. I say "strangely" because I usually gravitate towards darker themes, but that just looks WRONG here.

taillogs profile image
Ryland G Author

It’s just a lot easier on my eyes. I just think has a bit more of a cartoony look which is why the night theme looks a bit unusual.

There also more then 2 themes, check out the others!