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Discussion on: How to Deep Clone an Array in JavaScript

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Anton Istomin

One has to be really careful with JSON solution! It doesn't work with values not compatible with JSON. Examples:

function nestedCopy(array) {
    return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(array));

// undefineds are converted to nulls

nestedCopy([1, undefined, 2]) // -> [1, null, 2]

// DOM nodes are converted to empty objects

nestedCopy([document.body, document.querySelector('p')]) // -> [{}, {}]

// JS dates are converted to strings

nestedCopy([new Date()]) // -> ["2019-03-04T10:09:00.419Z"]

Consider using a library function if you have to work with such data.

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Vipin Saini

This is really cool!
You have added a gem to the post!

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Samantha Ming Author

Yes! Very good point, let me add that to the code notes! Thanks for noting that 👏