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This has been done before!

taijidude profile image taijidude ・1 min read

A small reminder for me. This week gave in to the temptation to implement something myself, before properly checking if somebody of my colleagues already had done the work. I Mean i did check, found nothing and gave up too early.

So if your are considering if you should implement a certain piece of code, your assumption should always be that this was done before. And then try to prove your assumption with the following checklist:

  • I did a search with our company's ticket system and wrote down the terms I searched for.
  • I spoke directly with colleagues who were working on the same project.
  • I talked to the user / business people who are using the software I work on.
  • I did check the standard library of the language I'm using for solutions.
  • I did check the most important frameworks / libraries of the language.

But be careful with the last point. Adding a new framework or library because you don't want to implement a small piece, might come back to bite you in the butt because of the additional complexity addition brings. Have a good weekend everyone! :-)

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