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Get productive with docker using: lazydocker

When you manage docker containers on a server, you typically have two choices:

  1. Install & deploy a web-based GUI
  2. Manage your containers from command line

Wouldn't it be nice if there was something in between? If we could manage the containers & images right from the terminal in a better and faster way? That's when lazydocker comes into the rescue.

lazydocker is a simple, open-source, terminal based UI for both docker and docker-compose written in Go. It makes managing your containers & images from your command line really simple.

To install lazydocker, just follow the instruction from official repository. Right after that optionally, you can create an alias to start lazydocker easily. In my case it's like this:


The highlighting features from lazydocker are:

  • viewing the state of your docker or docker-compose container environment at a glance
  • viewing logs for a container/service
  • viewing ascii graphs of your containers' metrics so that you can not only feel but also look like a developer
  • customizing those graphs to measure nearly any metric you want
  • attaching to a container/service
  • restarting/removing/rebuilding containers/services
  • viewing the ancestor layers of a given image
  • pruning containers, images, or volumes that are hogging up disk space


And the fact that, all of these you can do with some fantastic keyboard shortcuts in a matter of seconds, is just awesome.

So, if you don't want to deal with the complications of the standard CLI commands of docker, lazydocker is a great handy little tool for you.

And finally, don't think: you're being lazy by using this tool. You're being productive and efficient. So what are you waiting for more? Go, give it a shot.

Happy productive hours!
Thanks & take care!

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