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Nevertheless, taghatle Coded

I began coding because...

"Coding" and "programming" seemed like a completely foreign and unattainable concept. I even thought for a long time "I'm not really that good with technology." I've been professional tech support for over 6 years! But I became desperate one day about my financial situation and saw some advertisements for bootcamps, and I thought that if you could learn it in a bootcamp maybe I could learn it myself. I tried a Ruby on Rails tutorial, it was unexpectedly fun, and bought a course on sale on Udemy in October. Now it's March and I'm still slogging away at it on my own for the most part.

I'm currently hacking on...

Um... Honestly I don't even know what the word "hacking" means anymore! Is it a cool tip but now we have to be all technical and can't say "cool tip" anymore? Is it Illegal Programming? Is it breaking apart somebody else's code? I don't know! I'll decide for this purpose it means working, and right now I'm trying every day to get the hang of JavaScript. Soon I'm going to try my hand at Wes Bos' javascript30 challenge, and maybe I'll make a few of my own ideas.

I'm excited about...

Learning what I can even do! Knowing what I can do is just as important as learning how to do it. There's such a gap between like, print("Hello world!") and writing a functioning program or responsive web app.

My advice for other women who code is...

Keep at it!!! Remember Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper, and remember women started this thing. Smithsonian Magazine has an article about how programming used to be considered "women's work". Be frustrated because being frustrated about it means you care and stay determined.

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Hi Tag, it looks like you're on the right path, perseverance pay off in the end so take your own advice and 'Keep at it'. I've got a programming background and am a self-confessed computer geek. Right now learning Python for fun/self-interest because it seems that AI and Machine Learning is the way the world's going.