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As a newbie I've seen a huge skew in the other direction from this, toward praising and even competing to work longer hours, do nothing but code code code, so I really love reading perspectives like yours. While I'm learning I use techniques for vision health to help limit stress -- like look away from the screen for a few minutes every 15 minutes or so and being mindful of my blinking so eyestrain doesn't become a stressor in and of itself. I know a lot of developers get so deep into coding that if they get interrupted they lose their entire train of thought, but I'm trying to learn to be able to be "mindfully distracted" now while I'm forming habits so later it doesn't totally throw me off my game to be interrupted by something minor.


It's a good habit to form, as unless you're lucky enough to work from home or a relatively quiet and distraction free place, you're never going to get a 100% perfect working environment. So being able to bring yourself back to focus without losing your train of thought. I struggle with this, so kudos for being able to do it!

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