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Adonis JS V6 — API REST Boilerplate

Using an AdonisJS 6+ REST API boilerplate

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👋 Hello,

After wanting to create a Boilerplate REST API for all my projects, I discovered Adonis JS via Benjamin Code, who had used it for the back-end of his SAAS.

So I decided to create a boilerplate for AdonisJS V6, as there are some very good ones for NestJS.

What is Adonis ?

AdonisJS is a TypeScript-first web framework for building web apps and API servers. It comes with support for testing, modern tooling, an ecosystem of official packages, and more.
More information on this official presentation

Why Adonis ?

The abstraction offered by Adonis means you can quickly create and add new functionality.
For example :

  • Lucid ORM
  • Auth
  • Ally for Social Auth
  • Mailer for email management
  • etc…

Adonis also lets you use commands to quickly create files (controllers, services, etc.) or launch migrations.

📋 Features

For the moment, the project contains these functionalities:

  • Basic authentification email and password
  • Database configuration (PostgreSQL)
  • Social authentification (Facebook and Google)
  • Secure access via JWT Token
  • Mail service (Active account, reset password)

💻Usage and Installation

You can use the template directly from my repository.

After the installation

All you need to do is add your environment variables to the .env file.
I'll be writing more articles later on to talk about what's new and to go into more detail about the features._

🎉 Enjoy !

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