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Discussion on: Frontend developers, do you want to transition to fullstack? Why?

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I've started from front-end stack and found that transition to full-stack is a natural process which gives me much more freedom on what I can develop. As I always wanted to be a little too much independent from other people I've just forced myself to learn few more technologies ... and that wasn't that hard. With Python background I could finally start thinking about great features like implementation of global search in out app ie. ElasticSearch. Once I have back-end that will fit in my front-end ideas it is just like assembling more advanced Lego bricks ;)

Also being full stack gives you ability to understand and be able to read more code of other people which I think if super valuable when it comes to codes review.

I also think that every back-end developer should at least refresh some knowledge about front-end as technologies and tools evolve so quickly. Also having a little glimpse inside UX and UI won't hurt anyone.

But human nature is so complex, and everyone is so different that we can't measure everyone same. At the end it comes to how comfortable you feel in your own comfort zone and if you are willing to step outside it ;)


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Ilona Codes

I have very similar thoughts to yours ✌️Being a fullstack developer implies independence and the opportunity to work remotely or freelance. And you are right! It wouldn't be bad if the back end developers learn a little bit front end.