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X.509 Certificate Creation Made Easy with CertsGenerator (Open Source)

Generating certificates for your company or for development purpose can be challenging and a lot of solutions exist to provide easy setup and management of your certificates.

Eventually you also have CertsGenerator which does it in a very simple but nevertheless efficient manner: just create a json file with the appropriate configuration and let the application generate the certificates for you!

This application uses pyca under the hood , which is one of the main library for the Python language that manages x.509 certificates along with the cryptographic materials. As you may know, x.509 uses these materials to work with certificates and pyca handles under the hood all you need to safely do the job.

CertsGenerator acts as an interface between pyca, and the JSON configuration file in order to generate x.509 certificates:

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For example you would set the configuration like this. Other examples are in these testing configuration files but you can adapt it depending on your needs.

Thank you for reading this article and feel free to contribute to this project.


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