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Showing Face: How I Chose General Assembly for Bootcamp (and why I'm on the website)

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Enter 16 new Full Stack Developers!

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Going from a Bootcamp to a full-time Developer

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The top programming languages (and how to learn them) according to more than 100,000 developers

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Awesome coding bootcamps to take your code to the next level

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My 1 Year Coding Anniversary: From Video Tutorials to Software Engineer

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A Letter to Code Newbies (from a Former Newbie)

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Lambda Strong

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Ask for and be a Mentor with Lauren Lee

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Tips for surviving your first weeks in a bootcamp

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Bootcamp Grad Interview - Was it Worth it?

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Things They Don't Tell You About in Bootcamps

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My Experiences in a Coding Bootcamp for 2 Months

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From Fine Arts to High Tech with Juliet Brown

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My First Year as a Developer, Post-Bootcamp

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How to make your time at a Coding Bootcamp work for you after you've left – An honest, yet optimistic guide.

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