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What is a hacker and what does it mean to be one ?

this term originally referred to a clever or expert programmer or a clever person who built things and made things better but has sence been tarnished by the mainstream media that people follow like sheep today

When most people when the here the word "hacker" think of something bad like a person who steals people's passwords and credit details or there minds go to someone sitting in a dark room typing at 100wpm into a computer with black screen and green text but that's simply not true a hacker is a person who solves problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help they are not all bad and evil people, they are not all 30 year old men still living in there parents house who spend their days playing video games the term hacker is not only a computer think it also applies to people in the everyday word example you’re stuck in traffic so you look for a alternate route to take therefore you are solving a problem and that is the main what hacking is.
In the world of computers There some are main types of hackers..

Script kiddies -- these are the worst these are the ones that download tools of the internet instead of making their own and don't even understand how the tools works and what they actually do they mainly launch ddos attacks and can be strongly discouraged if the target has good security these guys are not problem solvers they are problem makers they may call themselves hacker but they are not they also ruin the hacker name

Blackhats -- these are the bad guys the ones who tarnish and disgrace what it means to be a hacker some of witch are script kiddies and are not highly skilled but can still be a threat but many are highly skilled and have chosen to use their skills and knowledge for evil instead of good

Grey hats -- these guys are the inbetweeners the internet vigilantes grey hats work both offensively and defensively hacktivists may often fall into this category a grey hats intentions are not always bad they are mostly good and the problems they cause are not always major there main targets may sometimes be big companies whom they believe are corrupt

White hats -- these are the good guys the ones who solve problems and fix things These guys keep the internet safe they are skilled people who have chosen to use what they know for good and to help better mankind they are the ones who secure websites and software they may at times be referred to as penetration testers or pentesters

I want people to know and understand that not all hackers are bad just as with anything there are good and bad, yin and yang, So when you hear the word hacker keep these things mind and if you want to be a hacker dont be a script kiddie help better the world help people when they need help And always keep the hacker mentality Any problem can be solved And when you see a problem fix it

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