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ArtDraw SVG Editor

Another SVG editor...
At the moment my head is full of javascript, beziers, and a lot of concepts about the SVG standard.
At the beginning the task seemed that it could be done in 2 or 3 months, today 6 months later... I believe that it lacks otron 6 months more...
A great advantage was that I could use some Javascripts libraries that speed up the work. The problem is that to find the perfect library, you have to test and test.

ArtDraw SVG Editor Online

And the headache of performing boolean operations between shapes... Clipper is a great help, except for the problem that the
result is a polygon with thousands (literally) of nodes.

More than a job, this has been a constant learning experience. My Javascript was very rusty and this has been a work in between browser tabs. Minimize the work and open Stackoverflow...

If you want you can take a look at the work.
ArtDraw SVG Editor Online

SVG Editor Online

There is still a lot to do, bugs to fix, toys to add... Wow, work...
And finally, get traffic and publicize the program. And I think that is more complicated than programming the application.

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