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Reasons to Choose Android for on-demand App Development

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In recent years, the world is experiencing a drastic change in the use of smartphones. Technological advancement has influenced and increased the use of this device over time. Nobody would have imagined that this device would affect these many activities performed by human beings and organizations on a daily basis. Mobile phones have become a constant device that now offer various applications in order to cater to different needs of the people.

Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store launch new apps everyday making lives easier and providing new opportunities for businesses. Android App Development Service Providers need to ensure that the app is the best version of it so that it is appreciated by the end users.

Mobile apps not only cater to the traditional industries but also raised a few new domains that have contributed majorly to boost the world’s economy. One of such industries is on-demand services.

"According to Statista, as of June 2017,the total numbers of Android app downloaded from Google Play Store were 190 billion."

Are you excited to know more about on-demand app development? This blog post helps you explore on-demand apps and its expansion. Additionally, it enables you with pros of preferring Android platform for your next on-demand application.

What are the On-demand Apps?
On demand applications permit users to get instants and fast access to certain services which offer by the company or individual. On demand App helps businesses to meet the right potential clients as well as customers and also get best product or services.

On-demand apps connect the end users with the service provider. Basically, they play the role of mediators. Earlier, we used to call a service provider and wait until the concerned person responded to the call. Since on-demand applications were launched in the market, this process has become simpler. Users can book the service/order using an on-demand app and get service provider’s response (in real-time) & deliver orders/service at the customers’ doorstep.

The concept of on-demand helps users to achieve their requests quickly, and service providers to enhance their business by tenfold that is even with least investment.

Rise of On-demand Economy
Uber can be considered as the inventor of this concept. It was the first company who understood the essence of on-demand services in the end users’ lives and fill the gaps by offering on-demand ride-hailing services. Airbnb is the successor who has successfully adopted and implemented on-demand concept.

It was the beginning of on-demand economy. Today, there are hundreds of on-demand mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms for varied categories. Now everything starts with groceries, taxi, food, medicines, logistics, courier, home care services, babysitting, and many more services are easily accessible to the users through different on-demand applications.

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If we consider demographic and geographic presence, then the coverage of Android app across the globe is higher than iOS. The Android platform is definitely picking up pace and performing better as compared to iOS.

Key Reasons that Make Android Prime Choice for On-demand App Development

As the on-demand industry is developing jumps and bob, an ever increasing number of new companies are anticipating put resources into on-demand application advancement for their special business thoughts and empower end clients with the following degree of solace and comfort. In any case, the greater part of them are not ready to execute their vanguard business ideas because of spending issues.

They are attempting to characterize from Android and iOS which stage they ought to consider first for on-demand application advancement. Because of the restricted spending plan, they can’t seek after to fabricate applications for the two stages. They need to choose the one that enables them to assemble an in fact hearty application by contributing less time and endeavours. Obviously, it must quicken the income stream.

Is it accurate to say that you are experiencing a similar problem? Here are the reasons why.

Huge Market Share
The portable application showcase has two market pioneers Android and iOS. Clearly, they are solid opponents of one another as well. At the point when you analyze both the stages, unmistakably Android holds a bigger piece of the pie than iOS. Various statistical data points have demonstrated that Android administers the mobile application market and there are no solid contenders of it.

Extensive Customization
On-demand applications are focusing on end clients whose prerequisites are ceaselessly advancing. To address clients regularly changing needs and contemporary market slants effectively, it is imperative to continue refreshing the application by presenting progressed and custom usefulness.

With regards to customization, Android is far superior to iOS. The stage offers the following degree of adaptability to Android engineers to refresh the application on an ordinary interim so as to live up to clients’ desires. Simple change in on-demand application builds the application maintenance apportion as well.

Permissive Google Play Store Policies
Google is progressively permissive on Android application engineers regarding rules for application distributing and dismissal. The application survey time at the Play Store is very quicker as designers don’t have to follow any stringent terms and conditions. In addition, Google sets aside lesser effort for application endorsement contrasted with Apple.

On the off chance that you are a start-up or another endeavour and building up an on-demand application just because, at that point you have to pay just 25$ enrolment charge before making it live on Play Store. While Apple charges $99 enrolment expense to dispatch an application on the App Store.

Voice Assistance/Google Assistance
With Android application improvement, you can get the help of Google Assistance, a propelled voice-based computerized help. It empowers clients with access to a few information focuses that make Google’s voice help more viable than Apple’s Siri. The information gets encoded when Android clients give the order. Along these lines, application clients can without much of a stretch locate a specific thing.

Information Storage
Another explanation behind picking Android stages is, it gives 15GB free stockpiling limit and broadened office of cross-stage. Also, you can store and deal with the information on Google Drive. Google likewise possesses a cloud stage that makes clients’ life simpler by enabling them to get to the information rapidly.

On-demand applications contain a lot of client information. To deal with the information successfully and safely, they need a major stockpiling house. It additionally enables your deals to group in income age by empowering them with client information.

Access to Advanced Features
On-demand portable applications are having a couple of must have highlights, for example, GPS, Google Map, Push Notifications, and the sky is the limit from there. Organizations can connect and draw in focused clients. With regards to cutting edge includes, the Android stage has an edge over iOS.

Utilizing inbuilt Google Map, clients can follow the precise area of the item progressively. With ambassador highlight, Android-dependent on request applications likewise improve correspondence among organization and clients.

On-demand mobile applications are increasing colossal notoriety as time passes as the new and extraordinary business ideas develop to improve the clients’ life. Expectation the post has given you enough motivation to consider Android Operating System for your on-demand portable applications.

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