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Release Notes 10.14 - Advanced Filters and Stability Improvements

We're excited to present you with the latest release of Syntropy Stack. Our team has been tailoring the product to better align with upcoming features, and we hope these aesthetic and functional updates will also improve your Syntropy Stack experience today.

We released Advanced Filters allowing you to filter network results by one or multiple criteria and included additional stability and performance improvements.

As we progress our technology and grow the ecosystem, we listen closely to our community to integrate the tools and to build blocks that matter. If you have any feedback or ideas, let’s talk on Discord.

Syntropy Stack is free to use.
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Syntropy Stack

New Features

Advanced Network Filtering

You can now use Advanced Filters to quickly filter your endpoints by one or multiple criteria. It is particularly helpful when you are managing networks with hundreds or thousands of endpoints and services. To use Advanced Filters, navigate to the network view and click on a filters icon on the top left corner.

Advanced Network Filters

You can add as many filters as you want and filter by any of the following (Endpoint with connections, Endpoint, Endpoint Type, Agent version, Tag, Provider, Location, Connection status, Origin)

Network Filters

Filters have conditions such as (“any of”, “is none of”) to filter the network results. In the last step, you can choose from a range of options that vary based on the filter you chose. For example, see options for “Endpoint” and “Connection Status” filters below:


Connection Status

Currently, you can only use the “AND” connector in advanced filters.


  • Search queries now only return results from the filtered-out set of items.
  • Removed the graph rehydration when the user navigates outside the graph borders.
  • Search bar contents are now cleared when the user moves between different Network sections.
  • Endpoint statuses are now displayed in the connection table and the endpoint management sidebar.
  • Pending connection status is now unclickable while the Analytics data is being populated.
  • Made visual improvements of the Network graph & Analytics section.
  • Connection latencies to display in a fixed ‘n.nn’ format.


  • Fixed bugs that occur when removing agent tokens.
  • Fixed a bug causing the selected log level to show too many entries.
  • Fixed a bug causing the search bar to jump up when the user selects an item.
  • Fixed a bug causing a quick search in the map view to hide all of the nodes.
  • Made multiple other minor fixes.

If you like the new updates and improvements, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on Twitter or Discord.

Get Started

Get started with Syntropy Stack with our three minute quick start video, or follow the documentation for more details. Use Syntropy Stack to streamline your container and multi-cloud deployments and automate network orchestration.

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