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Integrating the Mention Component and Third Party Libraries in VUE RTE

Learn how easily you can integrate the Mention component and third-party libraries into the Syncfusion Vue Rich Text Editor component.

The Vue Rich Text Editor is a feature-rich HTML and Markdown editor. It is used to create blogs, forum posts, notes sections, support tickets, comment sections, messaging applications, and more.

The control provides an efficient user interface for a better editing experience with mobile support. It has a variety of tools to edit and format rich content and return valid HTML markup or Markdown (MD) content. It allows users to insert images, links, tables, and lists with its modular architecture.

The Vue Rich Text Editor component can be used as a WYSIWYG HTML editor or a Markdown editor, and it also supports Iframe editing with configurable Iframe characteristics. You can easily format the text and paragraphs by setting the editor’s foreground and background colors, font type, italicization, underlining, strikethrough, and bolding. You can also add ordered (numbered) or unordered (bulleted) custom lists and change the editor’s size.

The WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor for Vue offers a variety of toolbar options that are fully customizable. The options allow multirow, expanding, quick, and floating toolbars. The tool commands are grouped based on related functionality.

The Rich Text Editor has a highly responsive layout and an optimized design for desktops, touch screens, and smartphones. It works well on all mobile phones that use iOS, Android, or Windows OS. It enables users from different locales to use the Rich Text Editor by formatting dates, currency, and numbering to suit preferences.

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