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How to Zoom and Pan in the .NET MAUI Maps Control

Learn how to zoom and pan in the .NET MAUI Maps Control easily. This video demonstrates how to zoom and adjust the initial zoom level. It shows how to limit the zoom range by setting maximum and minimum levels, as well as automatically adjust the zoom based on distance or geo-bounds. It also demonstrates center animation.

The .NET MAUI Maps control is an effective tool for visualizing data on a map. It presents statistical information related to a specific geographic area and offers a wide range of interactive and customizable features. These include selection options, tooltips, legends, markers, bubbles, and color mapping.

The .NET MAUI Maps control uses legends to convey plotted data effectively, employing shape and bubble colors for clarity and additional information like population density. Shapes can be customized with different colors and sizes for bubbles based on the settings. Tooltips enhance user interaction by displaying details when interacting with shapes, bubbles, and markers. Customizing shape colors allows for categorization based on underlying data.

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