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How to Customize the .NET MAUI DataForm Control

Learn how to customize the Syncfusion .NET MAUI DataForm control. In this video, I will show you how to customize the .NET MAUI DataForm control. I'll demonstrate how to restrict a data field from editing, change the label name, and hide the label for an editor. I'll also show you how to add a label icon for the editor, adjust the text style and customize the editor view and explicitly create data editors.

This DataForm control enables you to display and edit data using various pre-made and customized editors for different forms, such as login, reservation, employee details, and contact forms. Additionally, you can effortlessly modify the appearance of editors, groups, and validation labels.

The DataForm control in .NET MAUI offers built-in editors for basic data types like string, enum, datetime, and timespan. It also provides the ability to add custom editors. Additionally, it supports various validation modes like LostFocus, PropertyChanged, and manual to check data or user input.

Tutorial videos:

Download the example from GitHub:

Download the getting started example from GitHub:

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