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How to Convert Excel to PDF in ASP.NET Core using the Excel Library

Learn how to convert Excel to PDF in ASP.NET Core using the Syncfusion Excel Library. In this video, I will demonstrate how to integrate the Syncfusion Excel to PDF converter with an ASP.NET Core application using Visual Studio. I will also demonstrate how to convert an Excel document into a PDF file.

Syncfusion Essential XlsIO is a high-performance and feature-rich .NET Excel framework. This framework has an Excel creation and editing library that allows you to create, read, and edit Microsoft Excel files in.NET applications. It also offers an Excel-inspired Spreadsheet UI control to create, edit, view, and format Excel documents. Its powerful conversion APIs make it easy to convert Excel files to PDF, images, and more.

You can convert an Excel workbook or worksheet to PDF format. Use various customization options, like embedding fonts, ignoring empty pages or worksheets, showing or hiding headers, and footers. This Library supports import and export of data and formulas. Import and edit existing Excel files in the Spreadsheet control. Spreadsheets can be exported to XLS, XLSX, CSV, and PDF file formats. More than 400 Excel-compatible functions are supported, such as cross-sheet references, named ranges, table formulas, and formulas. Users can create and manipulate tables, Pivot Tables, Charts, and Sparklines.

This Library is also used to fill data using Template Markers, clone and merge Excel worksheets, and encrypt and decrypt Excel documents. The Spreadsheet control provides a variety of text and number formatting options along with conditional formatting to improve the appearance and effectiveness of spreadsheet. The Spreadsheet control supports on-demand data loading when bound to data sources. It improves initial loading time by requesting only the visible data from the data source. It also allows you to perform various kinds of data processing such as data validation, sorting, and filtering.

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