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Getting Started with the .NET MAUI Sunburst Chart Control

Learn how to create and configure the Syncfusion .NET MAUI Sunburst Chart control in a .NET MAUI project using Visual Studio 2022. In this video, I will demonstrate how to integrate the Sunburst Chart control into a .NET MAUI project. You will see how to populate the chart with data, show data labels, add a title, and enable legends and tooltips. Finally, I’ll show you how to customize the chart radius, inner radius, stroke, and appearance.

The .NET MAUI Sunburst Chart, also known as a radial treemap, is a control designed to display hierarchical data through a layout of concentric circles. In this visualization, the innermost circle corresponds to the root level of the hierarchy.

The .NET MAUI Sunburst Chart control provides support for legends to display additional information, aiding in the identification of individual data points within a chart. Tooltips are available to display pop-ups with additional information when a user taps on a data point.

In this Sunburst Chart, you can customize the inner and outer radii. Additionally, you can modify the default labels by adjusting the font style, size, and color properties. You can also customize the start and end angles of the chart and incorporate any view into the center of the chart.

Tutorial videos:

Download the getting started example from GitHub: SunburstChartDemo

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