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Getting Started with the .NET MAUI Popup Control

Learn how to create and configure the Syncfusion .NET MAUI Popup control in a .NET MAUI project using Visual Studio 2022. This control allows you to display an alert message with customized buttons or place any view you want inside a popup. You can also customize the popup's looks and functions.

In this video, you will learn how to add the .NET MAUI Popup control to a .NET MAUI app and customize the position of the popup. I will also show you how to enable the footer button, close icon, and disable the header. Additionally, I will demonstrate how to customize the message and button text, as well as the appearance of the header, content, and footer.

The .NET MAUI Popup can work like a special window that stops you from using the app until you close it. You can make it appear in different spots depending on the requirement of the application. These popups are split into parts: the header and the body part. You can change these by using a template. The popup lets you show information and messages.

Product overview:

Tutorial videos:

Download the getting started example from GitHub:

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